Away for some time^^

same thingshort info notice, I´m gone for about 2 months now, work and so <.<

gonna return after Christmas, but you can leave some questions what I gonna answer when I´m back^^

~Patch v0.1

Ok, main GUI and Battle-translation is done and all Yes/No choices should be translated aswell^^ thats what the patch v0.1 is mainly about x3

however, I think I still gonna optimise some weapon/item names,
sorry that the starter books aren’t translated, these will come with the first ~25% Story-Patch!!

Well, thats it! Tell me what you think about the beginner area translation
(I know… it isn’t perfect =/)
oh, and if you need help to apply the patch you can always ask in the comments <3

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if you downloaded the first release, there are still bugs with the glasses in it, just download this now and repace it^^

Patch tutorial
1.First make a backup from your game, in case you screw up^^

2.go to your game-directory where your “Game.exe” and “Game.rgss2a” are located and extract the NEKOnline English Patch.rar there

3.rename the “Game.rgss2a” file to “Game.rgssad” (if you can’t change the ending “.rgss2a” open the game-directory with winrar, and change it there to “Game.rgssad”)
   needs to be done so the “RGSSAD_WX decompile” programm can find the “Game.rgssad” file (thats where everything what the game uses is located)

4.Start the Programm “RGSSAD_WX decompile”, press on the [….] in the first line and choose the file “Game.rgssad”
   then press on the [….] in the second line and tell the programm where your game-directory is.
   then press on the last button, the decompiling should start, after that just press “OK” and close the programm.
Should look like this: Bild

5.finally… right click on “Nekotranslation Patch v0.1.rar” choose “extract here” and replace all files (Yes to All)!
   if you cant find the “extract here” option in the right click menu, open the “Nekotranslation Patch v0.1.rar” and put all files in the game-directory and replace all files!

epic cat<<Have fun finding the added Kamina glasses, because it had to be done^^

Patch Date *RawR*~

Bild short info, pre english patch coming this sunday… well means tomorrow^^
only some “small” bug fixes left, some short tests, and making sure the whole GUI und the battle system is working properly x3

short info on how far I got:
some test translation in the 1 town and on random places were done,
almost all items what you can find on the ground,
Skill translation around 80% finished,
for Armour-Weapons-Items I would say around 85% (mainly some charms and amulets missing)

I think I can publish the pre patch around 18:00 with an small tutorial on how to apply the patch *rawr*~

Coming Soon… *rawr*


Short info: maybe coming weekend or next weekend I gonna upload a English pre patch, with a small patch tutorial of course^^

Main content from the patch: English GUI<3, English Battle´s, almost all Itemnames, random Map-Event translation, lots of skills but not all =/


Again busy irl but still have time to translate step by step.


  • 20/100 Skill-Translation (including the Perk-System in the game)
  • 80/100 Item-Translation (Useable or Sellable items)
  • 40/100 Weapon-Translation (well, weapons what else?)
  • 20/100 Armour-Translation (including Clothes, Charms, Rings, Accessory)
  • 90/100 Monstername-Translation
  • 95/100 GUI-Translation
  • 33/1000 Script-Translation (including Comon_Events, Battle_Scripts, Map_Scripts)
  • 15/1000 Story-Translation (<this might take a while since I´m not that good in japanese)
  • 0/1 (figuring a way out to patch the game easy, without the need to write a complicated tutorial on how to decompile the “Game.rgss2a” file and replace the *.rvdata -files^^)

if someone knows an easy way for the last point of the list, pls write a comment, thx in advantage x3


It finally started~ *rawr*

The Start

I finally found some time to start a Blog about a japanese Game what I wanted to translate for a long long time now~

Actually I started some months ago but never had enough time to make a Blog or a Website…
Right now I´m translating the Game-GUI, Item-, Weapon-, Clothing-, Skill-, -names.

Important Information: The Game is rated 18+ and isn´t for free.
You can purchase the game (in Japan) here: ここなonline

Btw, the game is kinda like MGQ if anyone of you played it, your neko just runs around an open map, tries to get stronger and if you “lose”, well you know what happens^-^