~Patch v0.1

Ok, main GUI and Battle-translation is done and all Yes/No choices should be translated aswell^^ thats what the patch v0.1 is mainly about x3

however, I think I still gonna optimise some weapon/item names,
sorry that the starter books aren’t translated, these will come with the first ~25% Story-Patch!!

Well, thats it! Tell me what you think about the beginner area translation
(I know… it isn’t perfect =/)
oh, and if you need help to apply the patch you can always ask in the comments <3

—> http://www.uploadarea.de/upload/bz3hmmjz56tghz3688gabfur7.html <—
—> http://ul.to/kpucfyu2 <—
—> http://bitshare.com/?f=0ezoswr2 <—
—> http://dfiles.eu/files/ue2lrmo2j <—
—> http://www.file-upload.net/download-8057228/NEKOnline-English-Patch-v0.1.rar.html <—
if you downloaded the first release, there are still bugs with the glasses in it, just download this now and repace it^^

Patch tutorial
1.First make a backup from your game, in case you screw up^^

2.go to your game-directory where your “Game.exe” and “Game.rgss2a” are located and extract the NEKOnline English Patch.rar there

3.rename the “Game.rgss2a” file to “Game.rgssad” (if you can’t change the ending “.rgss2a” open the game-directory with winrar, and change it there to “Game.rgssad”)
   needs to be done so the “RGSSAD_WX decompile” programm can find the “Game.rgssad” file (thats where everything what the game uses is located)

4.Start the Programm “RGSSAD_WX decompile”, press on the [….] in the first line and choose the file “Game.rgssad”
   then press on the [….] in the second line and tell the programm where your game-directory is.
   then press on the last button, the decompiling should start, after that just press “OK” and close the programm.
Should look like this: Bild

5.finally… right click on “Nekotranslation Patch v0.1.rar” choose “extract here” and replace all files (Yes to All)!
   if you cant find the “extract here” option in the right click menu, open the “Nekotranslation Patch v0.1.rar” and put all files in the game-directory and replace all files!

epic cat<<Have fun finding the added Kamina glasses, because it had to be done^^


53 thoughts on “~Patch v0.1

  1. seems like you solved the problem, but if you are interested in the script, there:
    wake up,[Switch0123=on](not possible to bring the menu up, only way to save, the bucket there)
    talk with the Oak outside,[Switch0124=on]
    talk with the blue hair girl inside,[Switch0126=on](your neko falls in heat)
    talk with the Oak outside,[Switch0127=on](H and you wake up again)
    talk again with the Oak outside,[Switch0128=on](more H and you are done)^^ x3

  2. @baka
    Iirc, I talked to everyone, then to the left-most prisoner a second time. After that, the oak in the fenced off area. Probably repeating that a couple times until they let you go… more or less.

  3. Could someone help me with this? I beat the main boss in the oak forest and got taken to some oak slave camp. I’ve been roaming about for an hour with no idea what to do and can’t even bring up the menu.

  4. Thanks. Turns out since some of the file names are in japanese they couldn’t be decompiled. I changed the app-locale and fixed it. Thanks for the translations.

  5. I’ve been thinking of translating a game, but have no idea how to input it in the game, mind telling me how you do it?

  6. May I enter my skype name and help as well? I don’t know much japanese, however i could fix typos and small stuff like that in english.

  7. Hey there SilentWill, with v1.25 these errors shouldn´t occur, well I gonna take a look into it myself^^

    I hope that you have skype, if you do post your skype name in the comments so I can add you, to bad wordpress doesn´t have a private message system =/

  8. Thanks neko! I was wondering if there is some way I can contact you outside of the website, I’m actually kind of interested in helping you with a translation project to improve my japanese after my final exams at the end of this month.

  9. no problem,
    and you also can get a “Blue” or “Green” icon if you get the “Breathing” or “Focus” secondary skill, they regenerate your HP/MP in battle or outside, while you just run around^^

  10. Thanks I kinda figured that, I was just wondering if had any lasting affects. Thanks for getting back to me.

  11. @Coyote: these icons are current States of your Neko,
    they can be good or bad like Poison and so on.

    the red one what you mean, well, you get it after you “lose” to enemies and to remove it you either sleep or use some “Cleaning Water”.
    its a “bad State” what reduces your ATT/DEF/AGI by -5% and your Spirit by -20%^^
    (it also changes your character appearance to the right>, a little bit x3 )

    I hope that helps : )

  12. well, I found out that these errors occur if you are missing some files, in this chase you are missing some sound files, what are added with the v1.25 and/or v1.26 of the game.
    So in your chase, you have an older version of the game, so I recommend to search for “v1.25” <with the game name and you might be able to find it^^
    then just apply the Eng.-patch on that game with v1.25 and copy your saves over x3

    to "end" the game or better said, to get the Credits and the "CG-Watch" you have to beat the knights in the castle and follow some Tower where you can go after that,
    and well, after the Credits the game still goes on^^

  13. I’ve pretty much explored the whole game, I think, and I found 3 errors so far.

    Error 1: In the main big town, around this area http://imgur.com/CSBfpMt&9eslx6H&cHdytqW&jPfD6KR&GiMBxjT&ALkvnfN
    I can’t access the map in the direction I’m facing in the image, and I get this error http://imgur.com/CSBfpMt&9eslx6H&cHdytqW&jPfD6KR&GiMBxjT&ALkvnfN#1

    Error 2: In the Ice Cave area, in this map http://imgur.com/CSBfpMt&9eslx6H&cHdytqW&jPfD6KR&GiMBxjT&ALkvnfN#2
    I can’t fight the dark-shaded enemies without getting this error http://imgur.com/CSBfpMt&9eslx6H&cHdytqW&jPfD6KR&GiMBxjT&ALkvnfN#3
    Note when I said dark-shade, I’ve tried and discovered that I can actually fight the red-shade enemies in the map. I tried exploring deeper in the map and it turns out that I get the same error for every dark-shade enemies I encounter. So I tried avoiding fighting the enemies and I got to a point where it’s basically a narrow corridor and I can’t escape the enemy that is lurking around it, so I just gave up.

    Error 3: In the Slime Forest area, connected to your starting town, where earlier in the game it would warn you, “you better not go deeper into the forest” or something… http://imgur.com/CSBfpMt&9eslx6H&cHdytqW&jPfD6KR&GiMBxjT&ALkvnfN#4
    I tried to access it later in the game (currently at level 46) and I get some error http://imgur.com/CSBfpMt&9eslx6H&cHdytqW&jPfD6KR&GiMBxjT&ALkvnfN#5 (this error looks relatively similar to the main town one)

    Also just a question, where does the game end? Is it just a sandbox type of game where I just keep killing things and get better items after I went into the castle and finished the job from the king? (well not technically finished, I think, since I got defeated and some strange twist of the plot happens). Trying to avoid spoilers for the people who haven’t got to this point yet, but I hope you get what I mean.

  14. Hi. Thanks for working on this. I have a question about icons in the menu screen. What do the icons next to the character portrait mean? Currently I have a red one right under Lv.

  15. What are you translating?
    I mean if you are going to translate something and release a patch,
    it should be obvious as soon as you look at your site

  16. I think you mean the files in the “Data” folder, they are .rvdata-files and if you really want to open them and take a look, you can use the RPGVX-editor.

    Its an RPG-Maker programm what costs money, but well this is the internet… so I think you can get it somewhere “cheap”^^ x3

  17. From what i can tell, your antivirus software is picking up a false virus from RGSSAD_WX decompile because it hooks into another program. Any good antivirus software should label a file that hooks into another file as dangerous, however it is nothing to worry about. The only thing i can suggest is adding the game folder to your antivirus’ exceptions list.

  18. there shouldn´t be, scanned it with zonealarm befor uploading it, and there are only 2 pics and the rest are .rvdata files what the game uses. can you post a pic with the scan so I can double check the files what virustotal detected?^^

  19. is there a reason why there are 10 hit counters when I scanned it using virustotal for the patch? Are they all false positives?

  20. I also had the same problem as 10nrnr with the exact same missing audio file. Neko Translations’s upload helped resolve it. Figured I would leave a notice.

  21. From what I recalled yesterday, I was roaming around the plains with the Blue fighter’s armor and after I won the battle with one of the red lizards, the game crashed after the armor broke and I had no other armor to wear in the inventory during that cut scene. If I remember right, it was near the sigh that had that “Oak forrest ahead! Beginners should stay out” on the front. If I get that 502 error again, I’ll send you a link next time.

  22. I tried to recreate the crash, with and without armour but it seems to be working fine^^
    any infos how you made it crash would be helpful, but good to hear its working for you again^^ x3

  23. Disregard that last comment. I just reinstalled the game and I am no longer getting the crash error.

  24. Got a 502 crash error. After you reach lv 8 or higher and you have no other armor in your inventory, the game will crash at the end of every battle.

  25. thx for your feedback^^ x3
    and well, thats not the final patch, that was just a quick overview patch to make the game more “playable” without beeing able to read japanese^^

  26. Works perfectly. I noticed how after a certain point, you started to only translate the important points such as where to go. GJ!

  27. second reply: Ah, now I know why you get the errors^^
    that Arena-area was added with the ~1.25/1.26 Patch from the game.

    Since my english patch is based on the newest game release it kinda “unlocks” the new added “areas” but the game itself doesnt have the music/picture files for it, thats why the game crashes.

    you can still play the game with a lower patch version, you just cant acces the areas/scenes what comes with the up-to-date-GAME^^

    to fix this just download the up-to-date-game from here: http://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ107838 or find an v1.25 release from it^^ with the second part I can’t help you =/
    (you still can use your “old” save games in the “new-patched” game x3

  28. I think the area you are talking about is north of the shop district, thats the “Arena”, there you can fight some enemies and earn titels if you talk with the bunny at the counter 2 times.
    Thats more an midgame/endgame area^^

    oh, and if you have 500+Fame theres aswell an “Fame weapon shop” (instead of the bear what just says: “-Closed-”

  29. most likely something along those lines, my internet sucks… oh well, there isn’t anything important in that are is there? The area I’m talking about is the bar like area with all the bunnygirls and such

  30. nevermind, it appears that my game directory is missing a bunch of bgm files around the area of that last file for some reason…

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