Patch Date *RawR*~

Bild short info, pre english patch coming this sunday… well means tomorrow^^
only some “small” bug fixes left, some short tests, and making sure the whole GUI und the battle system is working properly x3

short info on how far I got:
some test translation in the 1 town and on random places were done,
almost all items what you can find on the ground,
Skill translation around 80% finished,
for Armour-Weapons-Items I would say around 85% (mainly some charms and amulets missing)

I think I can publish the pre patch around 18:00 with an small tutorial on how to apply the patch *rawr*~


6 thoughts on “Patch Date *RawR*~

  1. thx for your appreciation, I searched on the internet for an translation for this game but was disappointed when I wasn’t able to find one…

    thats why I started this^^ too bad my japanese is kinda bad and this is going to take some more months but well, its going^^ x3

  2. I just found this translation project through your posting on Roguetranslations. I would’ve never imagined this game to be translated!

    You are a god.

  3. So I ended up here through Rogue and I just wanted to say nice work and I am looking forward to this ^^

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