Coming Soon… *rawr*


Short info: maybe coming weekend or next weekend I gonna upload a English pre patch, with a small patch tutorial of course^^

Main content from the patch: English GUI<3, English Battle´s, almost all Itemnames, random Map-Event translation, lots of skills but not all =/



Again busy irl but still have time to translate step by step.


  • 20/100 Skill-Translation (including the Perk-System in the game)
  • 80/100 Item-Translation (Useable or Sellable items)
  • 40/100 Weapon-Translation (well, weapons what else?)
  • 20/100 Armour-Translation (including Clothes, Charms, Rings, Accessory)
  • 90/100 Monstername-Translation
  • 95/100 GUI-Translation
  • 33/1000 Script-Translation (including Comon_Events, Battle_Scripts, Map_Scripts)
  • 15/1000 Story-Translation (<this might take a while since I´m not that good in japanese)
  • 0/1 (figuring a way out to patch the game easy, without the need to write a complicated tutorial on how to decompile the “Game.rgss2a” file and replace the *.rvdata -files^^)

if someone knows an easy way for the last point of the list, pls write a comment, thx in advantage x3