Away for some time^^

same thingshort info notice, I´m gone for about 2 months now, work and so <.<

gonna return after Christmas, but you can leave some questions what I gonna answer when I´m back^^


11 thoughts on “Away for some time^^

  1. Dear Neko Japanese Game Translate Please Translate Sword Art Online Infinity Moment Please Am Begging you !

  2. Keeping an eye on this, hoping it’s just one of those RL stalls that often happen ;D

    Doing identical work on another game myself, would be curious to see how you did it and what you used, if you ever feel like a technical rather than progress-related post. Thought about blogging my own progress, been a little lazy (and still at the stage of figuring out how to get into all the data, since I’ve never tangled with RPG VX ACE before – the actual translation is easy enough) :D

  3. It looks like you’re missing the image for the slime. Probably from having an older version of the game.

  4. I’m getting some error when I fight a specific monster in the ice cave (the area unlocked after you beat the first ice cave)
    Screenshot of error:

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